Waypoint RPG

Alpha Session 9

"Oh, this map?"

Whilst the rest of the group are upstairs of the T’Eilt Town Hall doing some map stealing, Rurron is down at the buffet alternately stuffing her face and flexing for the crowds. Owing to her size, and the amount of food she’s putting away, people are leaving her to it. That is until a creepy little goblin man, in coattails and monocle, approaches from behind, sizing her up in the manner of an aristocrat in the market for a new fur coat. She starts when he begins speaking behind her: “Interesting story, you know, how they built this place.”
“Is it?” she asks, mouth full, having glanced around and found him utterly non-threatening.
“The town hall is one of the oldest buildings in T’Eilt. Dates back way before the Reformation, even, if you can believe it. And most of it’s not made of, you know, limestone, brick, any of the usual construction materials.”
“What is it made of, then?” Rurron asks, not totally engaged with this unwanted conversation.
“Bone,” he says, tapping his cane on the ground. “The pillars, the walls, even the floors we stand upon. All made from bone.”

Up in the armoury, Roe is surprised by the sudden blackout followed by silence and weird colours being cast across the darkened room, but assumes it’s probably some sort of firework display. She tries to peer out a window, but can see nothing. Fi, meanwhile, is locked in the bathroom across the landing, trying to devise a plan. She, like Serra, does recognise the portent of the green light and clomping of hooves outside the building: the Horseman has returned. Already in a tight spot having been caught red-handed by the town guard trying to pinch the Mayor’s prize star map, Serra barges past the men — getting a spear jabbed in her side as she does so — and, with the map in its glass case under her arm, bursts into the hall and hollers “we have to get out of here!”

Before the guards can pursue the thief, Roe pulls her into the armoury with her and Baxter, who has barked a warning of trouble at his owner. Serra assures them she’s okay, despite the flesh wound, and shows them the map in its container. Roe is interested in the map more than anything, trying to surreptitiously pry it from Serra’s grasp. They agree on a compromise: Roe will get the chance to try and break it out of its glass case, as soon as they’ve left the building. Following doorways from the armoury further along the corridor, they peek their heads out and see Fi cracking the doorway of the bathroom opposite them. Fi goes to join them, darting across the hallway, only for the floor to collapse beneath her!

Downstairs, the doors have boomed open. Fi falls on top of the guard she had danced with earlier in the night, cushioning her blow and giving her front-row seats to the Horseman entering the ballroom and, as he did in the observatory when their paths first crossed, summoning an undead creature to do his bidding. In this case, he pulls chunks of bone from the building and forms it into a huge rock golem. Upstairs, unaware of this development, Serra asks Roe if it’d be best to run away with the map — knowing that’s what the Horseman is after — or whether to stand their ground and fight. Roe thinks they should return it to Cassidy (whose name she completely spaces on), but notes they probably shouldn’t abandon the rest of the group still in the building. Serra agrees, turns into a big old snake and absorbs the box into her being, much to Roe’s chagrin.

The golem smashes through the stairs, scaring Roe, but she notches an arrow nonetheless. She leaps atop snake-Serra’s head as she begins descending the stairs and shoots an arrow right at the golem, which embeds in its “abdomen” and causes some crumbs of bone to fall off. On the dancefloor, Fi tries to get the guard to fight on their behalf, but he’s dizzy and annoyed at getting squished. So instead, she directs the flame from the gas lamps illuminating the ballroom into a circle around the golem, halting its ascent up the stairs. Doing so means the room is plunged into darkness, illuminated only by the dim glow of moonlight outside and the fiery green smoke pouring from the skull the headless Horseman keeps under his arm, and is now turned to stare right at Fi.

Serra leaps down onto the golem from the top of the stairs, knocking it into the ring of fire before it evaporates, charring a chunk out of its back. Roe witnesses all of this and is unsure how she can contribute other than firing off more arrows. She instead slides down the banister, straight past the golem, but bumps into June, when she reaches the bottom. The elf seems relatively unfazed by everything, and asks with interest what’s going on. Roe notices the Horseman and mutters, “oh no, not you again,” which June takes as an insult against her.

With half of the partygoers already fled and the rest cowering in the face of the Horseman, Fi demands to know what the skeletal apparition staring at her wants. A haunting voice bellows “THE MAP,” the jaw of the skull having become unclenched with a painful creak. Frustrated by his vague answer, she symmons a burning brand and grabs a random piece of paper from the ballroom floor. “Oh, this map?” she bluffs, setting it alight as a distraction whilst she makes a beeline for the kitchen to regroup with Lissie.

Serra slithers past the golem to join the rest of the party in the ballroom, thwacking the monster with her tail as she goes. It glances off without causing any damage, and the golem stamps down on her, causing Serra to transform back into her regular form and feeling dazed by the blow. Roe is careful not to rush to Serra’s side, although her instinct is to help her friend, knowing she still has the map and so is the focus of both the golem and, now Fi’s out of the room, the Horseman as well. She asks Baxter to get her the lay of the land, not being able to make out the scene in the low light. He reports that Rurron is across from them, trying to help Rami out from beneath a pile of rock pinning him to the ground; the Mayor is cowering beneath the now-empty bandstand; and the golem is winding up to smack Serra square in the head. She slides over to Serra, who passes her the map. The terrible gaze of the golem and Horseman henceforth move to her.

Meanwhile, Fi bursts into the kitchen, which is in complete disarray: pots of boiling water bubbling over, trays of food dropped onto the floor, flames licking the ceiling from untended saute pans. Lissie is crouched in a cupboard beneath the sink, in the middle of a panic attack. They suggest they run for it, what with the other exit at the back of the kitchen, being utterly unprepared for this turn of events; Fi giving them the details of the golem and the Horseman don’t exactly settle them, until she insists they arm themselves and get back out there. Still without her own weapons, which are still in the cloakroom, Fi selects the largest knife she can find. Lissie opts for a frying pan, still unconvinced this is the best course of action. Fi also constructs a makeshift torch so she can actually see what’s going on out in the ballroom.

With Roe dealing with the golem now, Serra slips past and notices the Mayor in his hiding place. She asks him how to open the case the map is in, promising she’ll return it once she’s had a chance to examine it away from the Horseman. He is not compelled by this offer and instead suggests that if she gets him out of this situation alive, then he’ll tell her, but she won’t be able to keep it. Reluctantly, she acquiesces, and begins to drag him in the direction of the kitchen as well. 


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