Amaryllis (Yllis)

Eager bright green eyes, Wild Midnight green hair, and Scarred Light green skin. Close to 6 feet tall and likes to decorate her armor/hair/etc. with Amaryllis flowers.


Race: Dryad-
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Good “Defend those weaker than you”

“Like me Penance knows little of the world beyond nature, I am relieved to not be alone in that regard”

“Osred’s religious fervor is unsettling. I should be cautious not to offend him for both our sakes.”

“Vagor seems to have travelled his fair share. Perhaps getting to know him might get me one step further beyond these seas.”


She grew up in the reclusive Dryad community of the Blossoming Wildwoods where only carefully selected Emissaries are allowed to leave. When Yllis was selected she left with little desire to return home and with excited curious eyes towards what the future holds. (placeholder)

Amaryllis (Yllis)

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