Archdecon Osred

Evil Dwarf Boy


Thin almost lanky body, Averting eyes, Hair was shaved just starting to grow out. Simple Green shirt, Strap on right arm with Jahtals Symbol.

Harm another to prove the superiority of
your church or god.

I must keep myself behind Vagor whenever I can.

Learn more about Amaryllis home whenever you can.

Penance is malleable. Mold her into something useful.


One day in Osred’s dwarf town an archbishop of the Church of Jahtal decided to build a church. No one ever took the time to visit the church besides the young dwarf. There he fell in love with the church and its ideals. The archbishop decided to take him under her wing and back to the original town to train. Osred became an amazing cleric but also a troubled one. When a certain incident happen his mentor sent him on a journey as penance. He hoped though he could turn it into an opportunity.

Archdecon Osred

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