Binky Fishgutter

Fishmonger and Dissident


A rough mannered pig merchant. Sells fried fish, Leatherfish being his specialty.


Sold fish at the Fisher’s Square at Bilford. Sold his very last Leatherfish to Osred, only to find there’d be no more due to the trappers who get the fish from the Dreaded Bog have gone missing. He immediately closed shop and went off in a huff to see the mayor.

At the mayor’s an impromptu rally had formed complaining about the situation. In the commotion Binky played his part by attempting to rough up the Dryad Amaryllis who he blamed for the trapper’s disappearance seeing as she’s a wood spirit, and the wood spirits and trolls from the bog were said to be to blame. He was immediately knocked out cold by Amaryllis. His friends, three young bucks (literally), swore they’d remember this.

Binky Fishgutter

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