Perspicacity Haywire

'Cacity is a huge golden-furred gnoll, quick to share a smile but even quicker on the draw.


Perspicacity Haywire looks every bit the drifter. The big, golden-furred gnoll wears a simple traveler’s tunic and trousers underneath his mis-sized greatcoat. The colorful bandanas around his neck are actually flags that are sacred to his order, and his wide-brimmed hat hides charming blue eyes. Belted around his waist are a pair of filigreed pistols, made from an unknown alloy.


Cacity Haywire’s life changed forever when the Gunslinger came to town. The aging elf was drawn into a fight between a community of farmers and a dishonest rail baron, and young Cacity was enamored of the life of adventure promised by the mysterious drifter who he knew would save them. In the end, nothing was saved: his family, his farm and the Gunslinger were all killed. Homeless and without purpose, the young gnoll took up the dead elf’s guns. He’s spent the past decade trying to live up to the mantle he’s claimed and honing his deadly aim.

Empathy Haywire used to tell his young son that long ago, his people came from wolves – Cacity will show the wicked exactly what a wolf can do.

Perspicacity Haywire

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