A reserved, analytical fighter who relies on speed & smarts.


Race: Deer-Elf
Class: Arcane Duelist
Alignment: Good
Appearance: An elf with deer-like features – antlers, markings on the skin, etc. Slightly on the smaller side (just over 5’ tall) but well-built with enough strength to throw around in a fight.
Racial Move: You descend from an ancient martial tradition. Gain +1 to spout lore on anything related to warfare.

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Nerys comes from a large forest region with several distinct elven communities. While each group is independent, with their own society & customs & rules, the forest is ruled by a philosophy of peace and pacifism. Nerys, however, found her penchant for quick thinking and intense competitive drive pushing her towards a life of combat. Deer-elves, like the rest of the forest’s inhabitants, take a strict stance against violence; this caused Nerys to become something of an outcast in her homeland.

As she dove deeper into her study of combat and began actively training in her chosen arts, Nerys became more and more isolated in her community. Friends turned into strangers and her relationship with her family became more and more tense. The other forest elves found Nerys’s apparent enjoyment of combat perverse and thought her to be standoffish and entitled, treating her as such.

Thus, she had little trouble deciding to leave the forest as she reached young adulthood.

A voracious reader, Nerys left the forest a veritable encyclopedia of combat theory and had the kind of stunning quickness befitting a young deer-elf. However, she was an incredibly raw, inexperienced fighter, and was easily bested in her first real tussle by ruffians looking for easy targets. Unwilling to let it go, Nerys pursued the fighters into a nearby town and managed to get beaten yet again, this time fairly severely, and in front of a market full of people.

Nerys’s persistence & potential impressed a certain spectator, a veteran fighter who ran a school nearby. Offering to take Nerys under her wing, Nerys studied with her new master for next couple of years, living at the school and learning how to use the techniques & skills she had read about in books. This teacher taught her a distinct style of swordfighting, one that felt tailored to her quick, cerebral style, and also pushed her to study magic in order to become a more balanced, lethal fighter. Upon her graduation, she struck out into the world on her own, a fully independent warrior.

Now, she uses her skills to sustain her traveling, honing her craft primarily through observation & experience. The excitement of fighting and the joy of winning has kept her going thus far, through times good and bad.


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