Penance Oz

A non-anthropomorphic Osprey who gained the ability to take humanoid form, among others.


Tall for an Osprey, but that’s not very tall at all. Frazzled Feathers, a bit damp generally, preoccupied. Dark feathers on top, light feathers below. Sharp eyes. Humanoid form is a somewhat lanky human. Her talons (and hands/feet in other forms) have a texture like bark.

She can transform into any animal native to the tropical jungle/wooded islands and warm oceans near Izuku Island such as Jaguars, Howler Monkeys, Killer Whales & Crocodiles. Her shapeshifting is akin to morphing. Within a fraction of a second her form smoothly changes. She must resume her default form, that of an osprey, between morphs. She is good at morphing midair and landing in her new form without missing a beat.

She’s a bit of a fish out of water. Not much experience dealing with people, only with the wild. In battle no matter what form she assumes she has a preference towards mighty leaps and devastating kicks.

Racial Move: Bird of Prey: When you discern realities add “What here is weak or vulnerable?” to the list of questions you can ask.


The Izuku Tree told Penance about Amaryllis’ current situation and state of unease and that he is worried for her. Thus, Penance worries too. Amaryllis is just happy to not be the only one seeing the world for the first time in the party.

Osred sees Penance as naive and malleable, and wishes to guide her. While he is not wrong, as a bird of prey she sees more than he thinks and knows him better than he thinks.

Penance shared with Vagor a rite of the land, a really nice place on Izuku Island to fish, in the half day when they met. He sees she’s much closer to nature as he, and wishes to learn from her.


Penance is an Osprey that perched atop the Great Izuku Tree for many years until one day she found she could assume a humanoid form, and many more when she worked on it. She now serves as an agent of the Great Izuku Tree.

In the bogs of Billford she and he crew slew the Swamp Spirit Marshmellow, who had lost his way, and replaced him with a fresh sprout. Penance had intended merely to call upon the spirit, presumably a vassal of the Izuku Tree, but the spirit was unreasonable, and attacked.

Penance Oz

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