The Great Izuku Tree

A giant tree which presides over the natural world from Izuku Forest


At the center of the Izuku Forest Iies its biggest tree, The Great Izuku Tree. His limbs reach high into the air, his roots far into the ground and his mustache across his face. He has a friendly demeanor for those who would do right by nature.

One of ~four main guardian spirits of the ocean. He is friendly with his peers, including Ragelion, to a point.


The Izuku Tree has watched over the ocean from his grove for ages and though he can not leave the island and forest he calls home, his roots go far and he has done what he could elsewhere through his agents, allies and children. His latest progeny is an Osprey gifted with shape shifting named Penance Oz. He has recently sent the Boat Party off to plant trees around the ocean.

The Great Izuku Tree

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