Waypoint RPG

Epsilon Session 2

"Those who are forgotten have died their final death" - Aurata

- We arrive in a mirror dimension, hazy, people are on fire?

- Girl gets mad because we went with her. Tells us we have to leave. "This is not death's dimension. This is a place of memory; it touches the divine."

- Aurata asks what's going on. Girl: "Kasuto is blessed by the goddess. She allows us once a year to visit a corner of the realm where we can visit those who are no longer with us."

- "These aren't souls. They're memories. They're being forgotten."

- Nahan tries to poke one with a stick. The person turns out to be solid-ish. They turns to her and asks what's wrong with her face. Nahan takes off her mask, thinking  that her real face will be a good answer – but then the ghost goes crazy and attacks. Nahan drops her mask and falls. Then Nerys  tosses her mask back to Nahan.

- Aurata pulls her shield and defends Nahan while she puts her mask back on. The girl comes up and scares the people away with a recitation of a prayer of some kind. Apparently, the masks are what allow these "memories" to see us. But our real faces make the memories angry and jealous of our corporeal forms.

- Nerys asks how we get out of here. Girl is here for a purpose. Girl is named Vimala. We decide to go with her to do the purpose. She is trying to find her parents.

- Head to graveyard. Statue of woman. One hand has flame, in other hand is book of inscribed names. Inscription: Those Who are Not Forgotten are Never Lost.

- Vimala has tokens to meet with the Lady. We must get our own by facing our fears. There are mausoleums all over the graveyard with symbols relevant to our memories. Oh boy. Nahan is darkly excited to see Aurata's suffering – but Aurata offers to go into Nahan's door with her.

- Reynard goes to his Heist. He holds a forged ring. There's another ring on a statue of a thief on the pedestal ahead of him. A person from the druids rats him out to the guards.


- Nerys eyes a door with a bloody sword.


- Nahan goes to a door with a falling winged person. Once inside: Feeling of pride. I'm an adult the world can't stop me. Run and jump off of a cliff into the wind. Flying, soaring, wonderful! Yes! Then, the wind shifts, a pocket of heat, and we're falling, falling.

- Nerys steels herself and goes into the door. Sees Vimala before she goes in – suddenly the ground caves in and she falls down.


- Nerys is killing Nahan's Prophet. He is surprised at first to see the blade coming for him, then he opens his arms and accepts his fate. And then, Nerys is running. Running. Master will be here soon.

- Reynard breaks off the statue's hand. Bolts. A guard pulls a blackjack and tells him to stop. Rey keeps it together. Rushes up the stairs, avoids the guard, who then trips down the stairs and falls down onto the druid that ratted Rey out. Originally, the ring was not taken at all. So Rey exits, with the ring, and then out into the mausoleum.

- Nahan hits the ground. Both Aurata and Nahan tumble out into the Mausoleum. Holding a bloody pinion feather. "Looks like one of mine…"

- Nerys turns and walks in the direction of her Master. Ends up right where she started. Turns around and sees where she should possibly go. Then there's a blue memory ghost. The Prophet. Asks "Why?"
"I'm sorry," says Nerys, "It was never supposed to happen this way."
"Why did it happen at all?"
"I don't know," says Nerys.
The Prophet pauses. "You're just a child, aren't you?"
Nerys just stares.
Prophet puts a hand on her. "I know I deserved this. I don't think you knew the reasons why, but I did. I accept it. I… I hope you find something worth fighting for, young one. Just – I hope I am the last person who you will kill without reason."
As he walks away, Nerys hears in the distance: "And take care of Nahan for me, won't you. She was a better gift in the end then I deserved."
Nerys has the holy symbol from the Prophet, but it has a cut in it.

- Reynard goes up to the statue in the graveyard. Tries to snatch the bookmark from the book. Cuts it with his dagger. The stone feels like flesh to cut. There is a strange shuddering. Reynard smirks. "You are not the first god I've taken something from."

- Aurata rushes away to her memory. She is trapped in a web, small and feeble. There is a presence above her.

- Once she gets her composure back, Nahan checks on Nerys, who freaks out and says she's fine. Then goes and examines the statue.

- Aurata reaches for her knife. In the legends, spiders wrap you up and eat your soul. Aura's knife is not at her side. Despite that, she bites her way out of the web with her mandibles. The spider is hulking above her. Aurata crawls away, praying. The sunlit silhouette of a giant scarab appears. The light, however, starts to dim, and then go out. A voice says: "You left me."
Aurata is then outside of the mausoleum. In her hand is a small crushed spider's nest.

- Reynard goes to pick the lock on the mausoleum with a cup on it. It is Nerys's memory.

- A fire appears in the statue's hands. Nerys examines it and finds that there is no heat or light coming from the flame. Nahan tries to think of something, but fails. Then she tries to call on her deity. And it appears, a being or whirling blue light behind her.
"Flames are tools of loss. An offering is wanted."

"We need to give it the tokens of our memories," says Nahan. Both characters show each other their coins. Nerys apologizes, and shows the cut holy symbol of the Forgotten Wind.

- Aurata heads into her next door. Rey really just wants to keep picking locks. Opens Nahan's door. Nahan turns away from Nerys and rushes into her door.

Running down a road, sandy. There is a commotion ahead. People move out of the way. The holy symbol is covered in blood on the ground by the dead Prophet. Nahan weeps, manages to shape the memory and bring the prophet back. The prophet tells her to focus on the happy memories, and not this. Nahan is like – "Bulllllllshit!". Prophet says, "We tried to fix it all, but we broke everything." And Nahan is all: ???

Appears back in the mausoleum with a game piece from a meditative chess-like game.

- Aurata is trying to help a dying girl, but her god's light won't shine on her. The girl can't be fixed – there's something missing. The memory loops again and again, Aurata cradles her as she dies. Aurata stops the memory from looping again, she holds the girl, apologizes for not being able to do anything.

- Nerys is in a tavern. It's the one where she decided to leave the village. She pulls out her blade, the one she didn't have in the memory. She rises and attempts to head out of the bar to find one of the people who attacked her. She gets outside, and does indeed find them – but now, there is a woman with peculiar markings, N'Kita. She is handing the people a bag of coin. After that, the attackers turn to go and AnKita strikes them down. Nerys turns around and strikes the building in anger. It falls over flat, like a façade. It is pulled back up by a string. N'Kita holds the string on a marionette, and everything is attached to her hand.

- Aurata cradles the girl, silently mutters, wonders why her god has forsaken her. Girl falls to ash. Aurata reappears in the mausoleum with an invitation to the girl's funeral.

- We go through the statue after offering our tokens (except Reynard, who wants to keep his). A blue flame is gifted to Nerys, one that allows the user to see things as they used to be. We arrive in darkness, hear Vimala chanting. Then we are in a strange chamber with the masks of death and foreign words inscribed on the floor.

- Then SERPENT EATING THE GROUND plays and a massive figure bursts out of the ground. It's a horrible angel creature with a bunch of masks floating around it and it extends and hand and tears away our masks and tokens.
"I can't see!" It shrieks. "Who am I?"
Nahan yells to Vimala, "What is the goddess's name?"
Vimala says, "This is not the goddess, just an aspect of-"
- Aurata rushes forward and takes the brunt of the sudden attack that the creature launches.

- "- don't know its real name. It's a guardian of the village."

- Aurata uses I AM THE LAW. The pure white mask from Vimala is on the creature. A voice says, from the corner: Help Me.

- Nahan tries to discern the words on the ground, turns out they are written in Kassai. But can't read them for shit.

- Nerys brings up the blue flame. Things no longer look damaged or horrible. Inscription on the ground "Entrusted to Kasuto, the One who Remembers.".

- Reynard uses the ring to try and convince the Aspect that it is actually the thief from an old story. It doesn't believe him, reaches up and destroys the mask of the bandit from Reynard's memory.

- Aurata finds the broken bottom half of a mask. "H-h-help me," it whispers.
"Put me back."
Aurata throws it at the creature.

- Blue flame: "Due to the loss that we all share. The gods grant upon us the guardian. Gods grant us both Memory and Progress."

- Nerys throws the blue flame at Nahan and she catches it on her staff. Branches grow from the staff. Nahan goes up to the creature and holds up the flame.

- It reaches for the flame, and crushes it: "Remember"

- And all goes silent, and the masks restore. The creature is called Memorium. Memorium says: Thank you. So much. How can I assist you?

- Nerys asks where we are. Same answer as before. Nahan asks what happened. Memorium says she was attacked, sundered, along with the others. "These are the last parts I remember:" she conjures a blue flame and we see a group of strange people-shadows. There is a gigantic ant person, a polarbearman, a huuuuman. One person comes forward. The Prophet. (!?!?!?) When he was 18 – 21. "We apologize for this," he says, "We don't mean you any harm, but this must be done. There is pain to every birth. We will try and make this as easy on you as possible."

- Nahan is shocked. Asks about the holy symbol of the forgotten wind, of the spiral with two horizons.
- Memorium draws a spiral of glowing light. "In the beginning, there was a loss. Something so painful. In response, the divine cried out." She draws two lines in the center. "A pair of gods shared one heart. The line coming before, represents the female half. The forward line, the male. In all things, they were counter. They were separate answers to the loss. My goddess believed you hold on to loss. To the right, is the other god. Our brother and greatest rival. He believed it was best to move on. To build forward. He was Progress. They have many names, depending on who you ask. My godess was Purity or Stagnation. He was Momentum or Ruin."
- Nahan: So what is the third line? The one on my symbol?
- I don't know. I can't feel the gods anymore.

- There should only be two other gods. But now there's a third one with the third line?
- "Where do the other guardians reside?" Asks Nerys.
- Memorium touches each of us on the forehead and we "remember" where the spirits were in the world. Different guardians in different regions.

- It wasn't just emotions that the attackers altered. It was time. They're tearing the world apart. Creating something and destroying it at the same time.

- Aurata asks Memorium if she can show Vimala her parents.
-  Memorium touches her and she faints. "If the gods aren't dead, they shattered. She is part of this. She doesn't have any parents because she wasn't born. She is a shard of my goddess."


- Memorium conjures fourth a bright blue flame. "If I would send you fourth to free the guardians, someone would need to carry this."

- Reynard volunteers. Memorium looks at Reynard and says, "You're new. If I were to shine this light on you, how many faces would it show me?"
"Only the ones I would want you to see."

- It is decided that Aurata should carry the flame. Aurata takes on the flame, and it kindles inside of her. It feels there next to her soul.

- Memorium gives us back our masks.


Xiim Xiim

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